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A transfer will take place from our digital wallet to your digital wallet address.

Once a 911 Department signs up for an account. Cash or Coins are delivered or assigned to them from, investors can also donate cash or coins to dept. of choice via a 911 account

Having Investors and buyers, the more it becomes known and used. Same business factors apply to block chain. Have a good product that delivers and add good service to buyer.

Many different block chains have been considered,  The block chain and smart contract haven’t been determined yet.  ETH is the most common, but is the most expensive to exchange.  Others like Avalanche, Candano, Celo and Chain Link have unique configurations and utility options to offer.  The best most compatible and functional smart contract system will be used.

What is the 911frcoin legal entity going to be when set up?  At the moment it looks like either a C-corporation or an LLC from CA, NV or DE, for tax purposes.

911frcoin is for investors and average Joe’s. Once it’s widely accepted, yes 911 funding can make a huge difference. Block chain has created multi-billions of income. 911frcoin and funding will be far more useful,  functional and helpful as a social currency than any digital coin in circulation say a “Bitcoin” ever will.  There’s only 21 million Bitcoins @ $46000 per. Currently the market demonstrates that investors value crypto currencies, even if it’s only for it’s digital footprint and even if only a few citizens can tap into it’s resources.  What if 911frcoin reached a value of $1000-$10,000 or $20,000?  It would bring in hundreds of billions of dollars for First Responders support.




Stay tuned.


Stay tuned.

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Get onboard make our communities safer. First responders need a boost to keep going. You can help those they serve get the best protection possible..